About Quickfencer USA

See the Quickfencer in action, courtesy of our European partners.

International Tech Brought to the USA.

Quickfencer was designed by two agricultural masterminds in England back in 2003, the product quickly revolutionized the fencing world in the UK and now we are bringing this amazing product to the USA, Canada and Mexico.

We Produce In the US

When we first started Quickfencer USA, we imported units over from the UK. As you can imagine, that was working out to be rather expensive. Thanks to the guys in the UK, we now have the manufacturing license for this product to make a USA built version.

We’re For The Worker

The QuickFencer is built with the worker in mind. Every aspect of the fencer is designed to make the workflow quick and easy, shaving many valuable hours off of the project. What used to take a large group of workers can now be done with a small group.

We’re Cost Efficient

The Quickfencer is designed with efficiency in mind, making it perfect for farmers, governments, and more. Quickly cut hours off of jobs and save money for future projects.